Floor length dresses and dresses elongated silhouette

Luxurious floor length dresses are suitable not only for special tracks. In collections of spring-summer 2019 you can find more modest and random choices. Dresses have a simple straight cut and are perfect for city tours in hot summer evenings. In cool weather, you can use a cap or jacket. It fits perfectly with a long dress.

For special occasions the designers have prepared a truly royal outfit. They will not leave without attention the owner’s dresses with open back. A woman in such things is sure to be at the center of attention to men and you will hear a lot of fine compliments.
In product ranges offered floor length dresses with a selection of cut-outs on the back – “drop” triangle. Open and deep cuts expose almost the entire backside. The luxury model, of course, must have a tall slim girl with a great figure. In collections of 2019, long dresses with flared homes and a straight-leg profile present. Some models are decorated with original details.
In the development of the lush skirt, dress style princess, sheath transparent model. Also relevant long Greek dresses. They make the female figure and harmoniously especially suitable for warm summer.
Models with a length below the knee are still popular with the beautiful sex. On the trend section on the back below the shoulder blades and below the waist line. Also fashionable is a selection of woven fabric stripes on the back. Today, many designers decorate the neck with a bow or other decorations. On the trend lace-and-paste from it.

For serious events will suit dress more rigorous styles with open back. For example, an open neck will open up the damper and will not allow the woman to look too openly.
Luxurious looking models with two recesses. One of them is placed in the zone of the leaves, and the other on the waist line. This neck emphasizes views on graceful lines in the figure.
Romantic young ladies will appreciate the presence of ruffles and leaflets in summer models with small print. This dress is perfect for cruise and beach vacation.