Trendy fabrics for dresses and a variety of color dresses

It seems that European fashion is far from low temperatures and biting winds. Designers from season to season show light dresses made of thin transparent material. The dress can be completely transparent so that there are tight cuffs, body or combidressy with low hips. The dress can be combined from different tissues of different density. In this case it is possible to do without special lingerie.

Very popular in the fall and winter season dress in leather. In addition, they are very practical for autumn and winter: not waterproof, not blown, and barely curled. And when we talk about beauty, it’s hardly possible to find a more elegant material for the dress than the skin. Cutting can be different, the length is preferred MIDI.
In the cold fall and winter, warm dresses made of wool, tweed or knit. They not only become indispensable in degrees, but will bring the diversity to the wardrobe of fashionistas. And that outfit does not look too easy, designers suggest using them with expensive jewelry and fashion accessories. And the color is not important, in fashion so modest colors and bright, saturated colors. Also, the actual dresses from the combined tweed and knit and knit even a total full-arc.
Still relevant velvet dresses. In the season fall-winter 2018-2019 velvet dresses are exclusively casual models of evening dresses on the catwalk were observed. Style, cut, length and color matter. Also in the fashion combination of velvet and other materials. Moreover, the fabric may be suitable in color to each other, so much contrast.

Space do not let the theme designers. For the fall and winter season 2018-2019 many of them have prepared a wide range of dresses in metallic shades. Unlike previous seasons metallic has now become even more interesting. There appeared a hole pattern, curlicues, fitting, rocks and sequins. The most popular are the silver color, but the common colored metal-and even gradient.

Now a shadow suddenly replaced by another, and the colors can be very unpredictable. Clothes glitter in a rainbow of different colors. Fair sex, who does not like the look of colors, you can choose dresses with a subtle play of colors in the pastel palette.
More and more fashionable element of the image has a hand-made art. Clothes sewn by colorful pieces of fabric, which are often used by designers to sew fashion clothes. Multicolored dresses are collected from pieces of fabric with different patterns. As a flap can take shawls with sprawling numbers. Pattern and structure they are very similar to country-style, so designers often suggest using such models with coarse boots or cowboy boots.
From spring to summer during the fall and winter went and pop-art prints. Image labels, labels and posters full of the most fashionable Haute couture dresses. It is important to dress, shoes and accessories should be combined with each other. The easiest way to achieve this in harmony is to choose one of the most important colors in a broken pattern on a dress, then pick him, shoes and accessories to match.