Glamorous dresses trim

In fashion collections often appear to be a combination of different types of clothes like skirts and pants. Innovation autumn winter season is crochet dress. Now it’s time for dresses in dress that are worn over blouses or golf. More original this set makes the asymmetry of home, the combination of materials and metal decor.
Raznosortnyh dresses have become the most original trend in the fall-winter season. Their function – on the right side is radically different from the left. But there is always a detail that unites them – the structure of the fabric, style and print. To make the riznosortnoho dress even more unusual, an element of asymmetry has been introduced. A striking example of such a model – dress a side shoulder sleeves. The other with a tight closed hand and the long edge of the skirt.
Retro-style has always given rise to violent fantasies by designers. But while fashion was part of one of the trends lately, but now all this “cut” of dresses of previous generations. In fashion dresses in the style of the twenties with marabou feathers, the seventies with puffy sleeves of the eighties with a broad sharp shoulders and sleeves «bat». A tight-fitting dress, neck-boat and a free sleeve greeting from the nineties.
Glamorous clothes from the twentieth century of the last century with marabou feathers and gleaming glitter are back in fashion. Moreover, this burlesque décor has become an integral part of not only festive but also casual arc. And not to be heard for pretentious designers are advised to choose the low key, shoes and accessories.
Selecting the slim bone line will help cut. They are decorated not only evening dresses, but also casual dresses. High cracks are often combined with an open shoulder. Some designers decided to break the firmness of the business bow, having to dress deep side worn on the skirt and cut-drops on top of the bodice. This dress can be used for a special occasion, in the office or safely use this type of dress as a cocktail.