Fashion dresses have always occupied a venue in collections of world fashion houses.

Asymmetry – a symbol of freedom and lightness. In the fall and winter season 2018-2019 the main focus on the beauty of women’s arms and shoulders. Fashion asymmetrical dress where a shoulder and arm are completely open and the other hand is covered by the sleeve. Most often in such models there is also an asymmetry in the skirt where there is a sleeve at home and beyond. All of these techniques make the outfit more sophisticated not only in tailoring, but also externally.
If collections of the last seasons, asymmetry was relevant mostly for the evening dresses, but now fashion guru and applied it to casual dresses. Uneven homes, straps on one shoulder or absence of one of the sleeves: all of these techniques have become favorite by many designers.

Fashion dresses bandeau
This season designers emphasize the shoulders and the collar bone. With a light hand of the famous designer dresses bandeau is back in fashion. All Length: From Ultramini to Maxi. Most dresses are easily cut without unnecessary decorations. The only accent belt, highlight the waist. These ladies who think this dress is boring, you should pay attention to the decor in a lush ruffles, which is very harmonious looking at dresses easily cut.
The liquid silhouette
Dresses of running light fabrics boxy gradually moved from summer to winter. The only difference is the color – they became more dark and muted, and the fabric is a bit denser. Trend length MIDI and Maxi. But the greatest highlight of these models – fly the texture of the fabric. As you walk, it creates a fitted silhouette from almost straight dresses. Sometimes they can read motifs of the seventies and eighties of the last century, for example, cut waist, fringe in the V-neck or a lush Mount of collar-lite stands. Use these dresses with some shoes from elegant pumps to boots and shoes in men’s style.